'Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.' - Helen Keller


Noy Singer

Founder and chairwoman

Estelle Cohen


Lana Kujundžić


Birthe Leysen

Birthe is a tour guide at a large travel agency and she takes care of dogs. She brings structure to the administration, planning and budget of our projects. Birthe is committed to all dogs and cats on the island and she’s a real animal lover. Birthe is called when someone’s pet isn’t doing well and she organizes neuturing campaigns. 

Annelies Vette

Annelies is a trainer, coach and writer. She and Noy directed and coordinated the Dá Valor team during the beginning of the pandemic. They also created the Personal Development training they have given twice to young people on Sal. 

Hèlio Gomes

Hèlio is an artist and athlete. He sells his painting worldwide. Hèlio distributes donated clothing on Sal and, whenever possible, on São Vicente. He made the mural ‘Dá Valor’ in Santa Maria in memory of the food program at the beginning of the pandemic. He and Maky Moreira were responsible for handing out the bags of food in Espargos. 

Maky Moreira

Maky is a photographer, guide and athlete. He took care of the social media content for the food program during the pandemic. He and Hèlio were responsible for for handing out the bags of food in Espargos. Maky has a big heart and the ambition to learn a lot in life.

Erik van der Leest

Erik is a sports teacher who was partly responsible for handing out the bags of food in Santa Maria during the beginning of the pandemic. He taught kickboxing lessen to the entire team. Erik has a big heart and makes an effort for the project day and night. Because he is a father figure to many, the team could rely on him.

Lisa Moreira van Tinteren

Lisa is a talented Jack of all trades who brings structure and overview to the projects she works on. She provides social media content, design and text. She was responsible for the OrganiCup project, where she helped hand out 500 cups to local residents and gave the education that goes along with it.